Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that aims to attract customer via certain channels like blog posts, social media, or search engines by creating valuable and regular contents. It is all about taking place throughout every stage of the customer’s buying journey. In case you do not know about buyer’s journey, it is basically be formed by 3 stages: Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage, Decision Stage.

Inbound marketing fundamentally wants to create one-to-one relationships that build on mutual trust at every stage of this journey. On the other hand, one of the bases of inbound marketing is to create brand awareness

Hi there

I am Ömür Seyfettin Uygun. This is my first writing on Medium so, I want to talk about myself a little. Currently, I continue my license education in Industrial Engineering at Galatasaray University, also study Business Administration as a double major. Now I want to talk about what I am aiming for by producing this content and how I decided to start this adventure.

As you know, because of the active pandemic situation, we are all trapped in our homes and a digital world. In the meantime, I started to think maybe I could benefit from this situation…

Ömür Seyfettin Uygun

Hi there, ı am an active student at Galatasaray University in Industrial Engineering who wants to learn and share mutually.

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