Hi there

I am Ömür Seyfettin Uygun. This is my first writing on Medium so, I want to talk about myself a little. Currently, I continue my license education in Industrial Engineering at Galatasaray University, also study Business Administration as a double major. Now I want to talk about what I am aiming for by producing this content and how I decided to start this adventure.

As you know, because of the active pandemic situation, we are all trapped in our homes and a digital world. In the meantime, I started to think maybe I could benefit from this situation. With these thoughts, I applied to several internship programs in different departments. After few weeks, even I forgot the programs to which I applied, my current supervisor at MDP Group -which I appreciate for the opportunity because nowadays finding companies which trust a student is quite rare- Onur Ergür returned to my application about a digital marketing internship. That is where the first time I met with digital marketing.

During the last two months, I learned a lot, thanks to this internship program, and still continue to learn with active projects at MDP Group by experiencing different marketing strategies. And now I think I have enough knowledge to start producing my own content concerning digital marketing and to share them with you.

Always keep learning mutually , stay safe!

Hi there, ı am an active student at Galatasaray University in Industrial Engineering who wants to learn and share mutually.