Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that aims to attract customer via certain channels like blog posts, social media, or search engines by creating valuable and regular contents. It is all about taking place throughout every stage of the customer’s buying journey. In case you do not know about buyer’s journey, it is basically be formed by 3 stages: Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage, Decision Stage.

Inbound marketing fundamentally wants to create one-to-one relationships that build on mutual trust at every stage of this journey. On the other hand, one of the bases of inbound marketing is to create brand awareness along with attracting new customers. Applying a full inbound marketing strategy really takes time and it is literally a long-term strategy. As you know building trust with customers via computing systems needs time. You have to feed your customers regularly to build and maintain this trust-based relationship.

The Buyer’s Journey

Why Inbound Marketing Is Important?

As we all know, the increasing number of enterprises in the last decades is significant and all these enterprises, if they want to continue their existence; they must take their place in the digital world otherwise they can not contest with other businesses. I think the most significant quality of inbound marketing lies there. Unlike the other types of marketing, inbound marketing primarily need your attention, your effort and your time not your budget. Obviously, with good financial support, you can really increase the success of digital marketing but even if you do not have enough budget for this; if you really give your energy and time with the right structure and plan you can accomplish as much as other enterprises with a budget far superior to yours. Key here is your effort and strategy, that is why inbound marketing is so important. Secondly, the process of inbound marketing can help you to create a well reputation as you continue to feed your customers. This trust can bring you more and more traffic and this traffic will lead you to sales.

For me one of the crucial qualities of inbound marketing is permanency. What I am trying to say is, if you create your plan and strategy carefully, your value that you have created for months, will stay there forever and after some point, without your attention or effort, it can evolve easily, and still can generate you leads.

Now, I am coming to a point that is essential and that you should consider. The more technology expands, the importance of data augmented but it augments with an important question, the quality of your data. This is as important as the existence of data because irrelevant data will not be handy to you, even, it can lead you wrongly. With a well-prepared inbound marketing strategy, you can create your personal database including your customers, your potential customers, and that worth much in today’s world.

These are the points that I find extremely important -along with much more- about inbound marketing and why we should choose it.

The Steps of Inbound Marketing?

Basically, I want to specify the steps of inbound marketing in 3: (You can find these steps in different names)

· Attract: This step means to attract your potential customers in the digital world with your content. By doing that you need to create long-term content.

· Engage: In this step, you need to state your insights, your solutions to get your leads

· Delight: The process is not over after you sold, you need to support your customer all the time the create a trustful relationship with him.

These are basically 3 important parts of digital marketing, of course, you can add more steps between these 3.

To conclude, I believe the importance of inbound marketing will increase day by day, and more companies will start to use this strategy. I, as a student, had a chance to implement some of the inbound marketing strategies and still waiting for the results. I choose this topic as my first writing because I think with little research and time you can start trying this strategy. In the coming writings, we will talk more about inbound marketing and digital marketing.

Always keep learning mutually, stay safe!

Hi there, ı am an active student at Galatasaray University in Industrial Engineering who wants to learn and share mutually.